CSU-Pueblo New Sports Policy

RE: Policy for adding sports to athletics program

1.   The Athletics Department will review potential varsity sport additions to the university at least annually (or as needed) by the following process:

a. Identify Sport(s) being added by member institutions of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) or at another institution within a 500 mile radius of CSU-Pueblo (NCAA affiliation or classification may need to be considered).

b. Assess the possibility of putting together a viable schedule for potential student athletes in the sport.

c. Determine if the sport is in consideration to be added as a conference sport by the RMAC and on what timeline.

2.    The Athletics Department will conduct a sports interest survey every four years to gage the interest and abilities of individuals attending CSU- Pueblo, the surrounding junior colleges, and local high schools to discover potential sports that are not currently being sponsored.

3.    Athletics department personnel will stay abreast of national trends and emerging sports across the country. The Senior Women’s Administrator  and Athletic Director receive monthly/annual reports from the NCAA and its affiliates regarding information for Emerging Sports for Women and Division II initiatives.

4.  Any student may make a written request to the Athletic Director requesting that a varsity sport be added.  The Athletic Director will investigate the possibility of that sport being added as stated above.  The Athletic Director will give the student a written response within 60 days of the student’s request indicating what action if any will be taken in regards to adding the sport requested.

When an NCAA Division II sport that the University does not sponsor reaches the point that a viable schedule can be put together and there is a demonstrated interest in the sport, the University will begin exploring the sports sponsorship process.

Club Sports:

1.   CSU-Pueblo Student Recreation and Club Sports website has information on the process for a new club sport to be added.  An additional form has been created that is viewable on that website so that students may request the University consider elevating a club sports program to a varsity sport.