NCAA Eligibility: Financial Aid

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If you've met Bylaw 14.3 requirements and are enrolled full time in a Division I or II college, you may receive financial aid from the school that includes tuition and fees, room and board, and books.

In addition, student-athletes who have not met Bylaw 14.3 requirements may receive financial aid under special conditions. In Division II, a "partial qualifier" (someone who has not met all Bylaw 14.3 requirements but who has graduated from high school and has fulfilled either the core-course or the standardized test-score requirement) may receive institutional financial aid, including athletically related financial aid.

In Division II, a "nonqualifier" (someone who has not met the requirements to be considered a "qualifier" or a "partial qualifier") may receive institutional financial aid unrelated to athletics ability. There is no guaranteed four-year athletics scholarship in Division I, II, or III.

An athletics scholarship is awarded for one academic year. It may be renewed each year for a maximum of five years within a six-year period. In some cases, you may receive additional financial aid, such as the Pell Grant, from government programs. The CSU-P Financial Aid Office can provide more information about such aid.

If you receive a scholarship from your high school or local civic or booster club, tell your college recruiter so he or she can notify the university's financial aid office.