CSU-Pueblo Athletics Hall of Fame By-laws


The mission of the CSU-Pueblo Athletics Hall of Fame is to honor outstanding achievements and contributions by individuals and teams to the athletics program at Colorado State University-Pueblo.


Through the election of the "best of the best" to the CSU-Pueblo Athletics Hall of Fame, which is inclusive of Pueblo Junior College, Southern Colorado State College, University of Southern Colorado and Colorado State University-Pueblo, outstanding alumni and contributors to the athletics program will feel more a part of the University.  The Hall of Fame will create an awareness of the rich athletic traditions and will heighten the interest and image of the athletics program as well as the University in the community of Pueblo and throughout all alumni, contributors, and the regions touched by CSU-Pueblo.


A.   Athlete Nominations:                  

1. A CSU-Pueblo* athlete becomes eligible five (5) years after their athletic eligibility has been exhausted.  The graduation requirement will be waived for athletes who exhaust their eligibility prior to the 2009 induction class.

2.  Exceptional athletics performance in one or more CSU-Pueblo* athletics programs over at least two (2) seasons.

3.  The candidate must have displayed good moral character and citizenship during undergraduate years and post graduation years.

B.   Coaches Nominations:

1.   Must have been a member of the coaching staff at the University for a minimum of five (5) years.

2.   Teams and athletes coached must have achieved exceptional success.

3.   The candidate must be of outstanding character that exemplifies the athletics program and CSU-Pueblo*.

C.   Team Nominations:

1.   A team becomes eligible five (5) years after its achievements at CSU-Pueblo*.

2.   Exceptional team achievements.

3.   Team must have represented the athletics program and the University in a first-class manner.

D.   Special Contributor Nominations:  (Recognition of individuals who have greatly contributed to CSU-Pueblo* Athletics including; faculty, staff, administrator or friend of the athletics program.)

1.   The nominee has made outstanding contributions to athletics to CSU-Pueblo*.

2.   The contributions must be of significant importance and over a period of years.

3.   The nominee has been, or is, an example of solid character and citizenship.

E.   Lifetime Achievement Nominations

1.     The nominee has made outstanding athletic, professional or civic accomplishments after leaving CSU-Pueblo*.

2.     The contributions must be of significant importance an over a period of years.

3.     The nominee has been, or is, an example of sold character and citizenship.


A.    The Board of Directors shall determine policy, solicit, and review nominations and elect members to the Athletics Hall of Fame.

B.    The Board has the ability and discretion to waive minimum criteria when it is appropriate.

C.    The Board shall appoint all new members and replacements to the Board.  The Board will maintain the membership according to the membership categories listed below.

D.    The members may not serve more than two consecutive terms.  The members will serve on a staggered rotation basis.

E.    The immediate past chairperson will determine the date and call the first meeting of the following year's Board.  The athletic director or a designate will serve as the Chair of the Board of Directors.

F.    The Board must meet at least twice a year.

G.    The Board membership shall be eleven (11).

H.   Member Categories (Initial Terms):

  • 1. Director of Athletics, ad hoc, with voting privileges.
  • 2. Associate Director of Athletics, SWA, ad hoc, with voting privileges.
  • 3. Sports Information Director, ad hoc, with voting privileges. 
  • 4. Director of Alumni Relations, ad hoc, with voting privileges. 
  • 5. Alumnus - 1996-present. 2 years
  • 6. Alumnus - 1976-1995. 3 years 
  • 7. Alumnus - 1966-1975. 4 years 
  • 8. Alumnus - 1933-1965. 2 years 
  • 9. Local or former sports media. 3 years 
  • 10. Retired Athletics staff member. 4 years 
  • 11. Current or retired University faculty/staff member. 2 years 

I.   Term of Office:

Shall be four (4) year staggered terms (initial appointments will be staggered for two, three and four year terms, establishing a pattern for subsequent years). 


A.    There is no limit to the number of times a person may be nominated for the Hall of Fame.  Nominations not selected will be carried over to the following year.

B.    No more than six (6) new members and up to one team can be selected in any given year. ***

C.    Only potential honorees who agree to accept the recognition shall be inducted.  In special cases, nominees may decline to a later year.  Alternates will be selected in this special case.

D.    Posthumous recognition is appropriate and welcome.

E.    Selection priority will be given to at least one athlete from each era and limited to not more than one coach or special contributor selection in any given year.  Additional inductees that meet the Lifetime Achievement Award criteria could be given under special circumstances. 

F.    All selected candidates must receive a majority affirmative vote of members.

        In consequences beyond control for attendance, members may vote by mail or via conference call during the selection committee meeting.    

G.    Normal time line for annual Hall of Fame activities.

1.     Invite nominations for inductees (March) SID is responsible person.

2.     Nomination deadline (June 1) SID

3.     Selection Meeting (June 10) Board of Directors

4.     Announcement of inductees (July 1) SID

5.     Conduct recognition event (October 30, 2009) Board and Athletics Department

H.      Nomination Procedures:

Anyone may submit nominations to the athletics department.  The Board will determine the development of the nomination forms.  The SID will handle the distribution of the forms.  These forms also may be secured by request to the athletics department.  The Board will set the nomination deadline.

I.     Announcement and Recognition of Inductees:

1.     The announcement of those selected for induction into the Hall of Fame shall be made in a special release to the news media and university community by the Sports Information Director.

2.     All inductees will be presented at an appropriate ceremony or other special event approved by the Board.

3.     An appropriate award will be given to new members and their picture or a plaque will be displayed in a special place designated for Hall of Fame members.

* Includes all previous incarnations of Colorado State University-Pueblo (University of Southern Colorado, Southern Colorado State College, Pueblo Junior College, Southern Colorado Junior College)

*** Inaugural year selection procedures will permit up to ten (10) individual selections and two (2) team selections.  The committee will determine if this selection procedure will be carried on to subsequent years, as needed.

VI.     Amendments to the Colorado State University-Pueblo Athletics Hall of Fame by-laws may be made with a majority vote of the Board of Directors.