'Bring the Thunder: Genesis" is again huge success

'Bring the Thunder: Genesis" is again huge success

Pack wrestler Mamalis gets win in main event.

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Event Recap Written by J.R. Gordon @ www.MMABuzz.com

Randy Villarreal vs. Nick Mamalis.  The fighters spent almost the entire round working striking from the outside with Mamalis scoring a slam takedown to end the round.  Round two was again striking from the outside before Mamalis initiated the clinch.  Villarreal got head control and fell to guard looking to close off the choke.  On the ground Mamalis escaped but Villarreal got back control and tried for an RNC.  Mamalis worked to standing and fell backward to slam his opponent and get the escape.  Mamalis took mount, then back control and set in the RNC to get the main event submission victory at 3:24 of round one.

Co-Main event: Jeremy Kimball vs. Donnie Liles.  Round one was non-stop action with both fighters able to land solid strikes on the other.  Three times Liles scored takedowns, twice with huge slams attached, but each time Kimball was able to weather the solid GNP and work back to standing where they again traded strikes.  The round ended with Liles scoring a slam and Kimball scrambling then threatening with an armbar.    Round two saw Liles jam Kimball into the cage and again score a huge slam.  On the ground the fighters traded strikes before Liles transitioned to mount.  Kimball tried to buck and roll Liles, but Liles trapped an arm and was able to close off the inverted armbar/wristlock combination at 4:09 of round two

Joe Kelso vs. Justin Gaethje.  The fighters came out with very hard strikes before entering into the clinch.  Gaethje was able to get a bodylock takedown followed by a pick-up and slam before Kelso scrambled to standing.  On the feet Kelso looked to land big shots as did Gaethje before he closed in with a standing guillotine attempt that he turned into a takedown.  On the mat Gaethje landed solid GNP but Kelso worked to standing.  Gaethje closed in with a flying knee, took it to the mat and landed hard GNP to get the TKO win at 4:32 of round one.

Santana-Sol Martinez vs. Aaron Romero.  In round one the fighters had several strong toe-to-toe exchanges where each hurt the other.  When in the clinch Romero controlled the action and when it hit the mat Martinez worked very solid GNP from the top.  Round two had the fighters trading strikes with each able to put together strong flurries that visibly hurt their opponent.  The action stopped when Romero dropped Martinez with a knee but took an illegal up-kick while closing in to try to finish.  The round ended with Romero on top working GNP.  Round three began with Martinez missing with several big techniques then the action was stopped due to an illegal low blow received by Romero.  When the fight restarted Romero landed a strong flurry of punches then knees but Martinez answered with a takedown and he finished the round working GNP from the top.  The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Santana-Sol Martinez. 

Darla Harris vs. Jen Berg.  The majority of  round one was spent in the clinch with both fighters showing good Muay Thai technique.  After Harris scored a takedown she worked GNP then took back control to try for an RNC.  Berg was able turn in and work GNP to end the round.  Round two again had significant clinch work early with the fighters evenly trading strikes.  Several times each tried to set up takedowns but always they were defended and the fighters spent the second half of the round working strikes both in and out of the clinch.  Round three was once more almost all Muay Thai action with the fighters trading knees evenly in the clinch almost all round with each able to spin the other into the cage time and time again.  The scorecards were read and the winner by unanimous decision was Darla Harris.

All of the rest of the bouts were in the elimination division.

Jonathon Apodaca vs. Dominic Montoya.  The fighters traded even strikes before Montoya got takedown and went immediately to mount.  From the top Montoya worked GNP until Montoya rolled face down looking to escape.  Montoya sank his hooks, then sank the RNC for the submission victory at 1:34 of round one.

Tyler Eberhardt vs. Nick Portillos.  The fighters punched their way into the clinch and Eberhardt scored a takedown.  Portillos worked back to standing and after several exchanges Portillos landed a series of knees to the body that hurt Eberhardt.  Portillos dropped levels, got the takedown and implemented his GNP attack to get the TKO win at 2:25 of round one.

Darin Melvin vs. Dave Baca.  The fighters traded strikes briefly before Baca took it to the mat to work GNP for most of the round.  Melvin worked to standing and the fighters ended the round trading punches and knees.  Round two had Baca landing several brutal leg kicks to set up a takedown.  On the ground Baca worked GNP as Melvin tried to work to his feet.  When Melvin tried to rise Baca set in the standing guillotine choke to get the submission victory at 2:04 of round two.

Mark Fresquez vs. Kyle Sands.  Sands got an immediate double leg and worked position and GNP until the fighters were stood due to a strike to the back of the head of Fresquez.  The fight restarted standing and Sands dropped Fresquez with a punch and worked GNP until the bell ended the round.  Round two had Sands scoring a huge slam to set up his GNP attack that got him the TKO win at 1:04 of round two.

Zach McChesney vs. Joaquin Melendez.  The fighters met in the center of the cage for a brief exchange, but it was several big right hands by McChesney that dropped Melendez and two follow-up GNP shots got McChesney the KO win at :09 of round one.

“Of The Night” moments:

Submission of the night goes to Donnie Liles for his armbar/wristlock submission.

KO/TKO of the night goes to Zach McChesney for his :09 KO victory.

Fight Of The Night goes to Jeremy Kimball and Donnie Liles for their fast paced action packed back and forth fight that allowed each fighter to display their well rounded skills.