The Pack Club: Official Booster Club of CSU-Pueblo Athletics

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The Pack Club is a cornerstone of CSU-Pueblo athletics, raising money to fund athletic scholarships and operating to assist our student-athletes to be competitive at the highest levels in NCAA Division II. 

With the escalating costs associated with higher education, the importance of the Pack Club to the improvement and development of CSU-Pueblo athletics cannot be overstated.  Members of the Pack Club champion this cause, recognizing the value of the student-athlete experience through their support of our student-athletes both on and off the playing fields.


Goals of CSU-Pueblo Athletics

CSU-Pueblo Athletics promotes an environment that encourages student-athletes to reach their maximum potential in athletic competition, academic progress and personal development.  ThunderWolves Athletics goals are:

1.  Do things "the right way"

2.  Retain and graduate our student athletes.

3.  Dominate the RMAC.

4.  Gain national prominence in NCAA Division II

5.  Prepare student-athletes for success in life.


Mission Statement:

The Pack Club is an organization dedicated to supporting, promoting and advancing CSU-Pueblo athletics in achieving national prominence in NCAA Division II.


Pack Club Objectives:

1.  To provide scholarship dollars for CSU-Pueblo athletics to help its sports programs compete at the highest level in NCAA Division II.

2.  To provide financial support for special purchases for ThunderWolves student-athletes.

3.  To lend support for special events in the athletics program.

4.  To enhance the profile and visibility of the CSU-Pueblo athletic program, its teams and its student-athletes.

5.  To aid in strengthening and establishing positive relations with the community and alumni in support of CSU-Pueblo Athletics.


About 'The Pack Club':

The Pack Club is the athletic fundraising organization of Colorado State University-Pueblo, organized to assist the Department of Athletics with funding to benefit the 400 ThunderWolves student-athletes.   Through a cooperative effort, we build community support to create opportunities for successful sports programs on a national level.  The support provided by the Pack Club members allows student-athletes to demonstrate excellence in athletics and academics, while enhancing the spirit, visibility and the reputation of Colorado State University-Pueblo.

CSU-Pueblo is PUEBLO’S TEAM and we need your support to assist our teams in achieving conference and national championships.


How much does it cost to be a member of 'The Pack Club'?

An annual donation of as little as $100 (Less than $9 per month!) will make you a member of "The Pack Club."  Membership levels vary, starting with annual gifts from $100 all the way up to $10,000.  Each level of membership comes with its own unique membership benefits.

If you're a CSU-Pueblo employee it's even easier!  You can opt for an monthly donation to come out of your pay check every month.  If you sign up for a monthly deduction of $10 over 10 months, that's enough to be enrolled in "The Pack Club"!

Either call the payroll department at (719) 549-2801 or download and complete the "Pack Club" membership brochure here, noting to fill out the payroll deduction section.


'The Pack Club' membership benefits:

All "Pack Club" members receive an official "Pack Club" hat, an e-mail newsletter, a 'Pack Club' discount card to area businesses, invites to exclusive "Pack Club" luncheons, and the listing of your name as a "Pack Club" member in both the CSU-Pueblo football and basketball programs.

Additionally, all "Pack Club" members are assured a federal income tax deduction (less the cash value of benefits). 

The higher your membership level, the more benefits you receive. 

For a full breakdown of benefits by membership level, click here.


Elite Membership Levels: 'The Akela Club'

akela (n.) - A Pack leader.  Origin: after Akela, the leader of the wolf pack in "The Jungle Books" by Rudyard Kipling.

"The Akela Club" is a comprised of a group of Pack supporters that are dedicated to helping the ThunderWolves athletic programs compete for RMAC and NCAA Championships.  The time has come for Colorado State University-Pueblo Athletics to gain NATIONAL PROMINENCE! 

Members of this prestigious group pledge $3,000 per year for three years.  The goal for "The Akela Club" is 50 members.  This group has the potential to generate $150,000 per year, which will give CSU-Pueblo coaches the resources to attract the very best student-athletes and compete at the national level.

"Akela Club" members have elite benefits above and beyond the highest level of giving in the "Pack Club"

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Elite Membership Levels: 'The Board of Directors Club'

"The Board of Directors Club" is made up of an elite group of ten members.  Members of this elite group pledge $10,000 per year for three years to ThunderWolves Athletics.  They are the "leaders of the Pack" and will lead the way as CSU-Pueblo Athletics climbs the ladder of success to national prominence while winning RMAC and NCAA championships. 

The "Board of Directors" not only are donors at the highest level for PUEBLO’S TEAM but serve on the top-level advisory community board for CSU-Pueblo Athletics.  They lend their expertise and guidance to the athletics administration as we all look forward to a bright future at CSU-Pueblo and in ThunderWolves Athletics.

Similar to the "Akela Club", the "Board of Directors Club" comes with elite, unique benefits.  Click here to learn more.

How do I join "The Pack Club"?

Joining the Pack Club is as simple as making a phone call.  Contact CSU-Pueblo Athletic Development Director, Racheal Morris, at (719) 549-2013 or via email at

You may also download The "Pack Club" registration form here.