Pueblo City Park Tennis Complex

Colorado State University-Pueblo's men's and women's tennis programs play its home matches at the Pueblo City Park Tennis Complex, one of the largest and most historical tennis complexes in the State of Colorado.

The facility has a rich history, built in the late 1930s as part of depression-era Works Progress Administration (WPA) during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration.  The original complex consisted of four courts with concessions, restrooms and lights.  The facility was expanded to eight courts in 1952 with another nine added in 1972, creating a grand total of 17 tennis courts in one facility.

Today, the tennis complex is unique with its rustic early 20th-century architecture alongside the modern, high-quality surfaces of the multiple courts of the compex.

The tennis complex is the hallmark of historic Pueblo City Park, built in 1903, has been the center of the recreational community in the City of Pueblo for over a centry.

The complex plays host to not only ThunderWolf tennis, but annually  hosts the Colorado High School Tennis championships as well as numerous regional amateur tournaments. 

To learn more about the Pueblo Tennis Complex, visit the City Park home page.