The Birth of the ThunderWolf

The University of Southern Colorado (now Colorado State University-Pueblo) adopted the "ThunderWolf" as its mascot prior to the 1995-96 academic school year. The ThunderWolf came to life as USC looked to modernize its image following over 60 years of being known as the "Indians." The legend of the "ThunderWolf" is as follows:

"The thunderwolf was discovered in the Southern Colorado foothills in 1933. The species is thought to be indigenous only on the city of Pueblo's beautiful horizon from the Spanish Peaks to the south to Pike's Peak to the north. A regal and majestic animal, the thunderwolf has evolved into the wisest and strongest of all beasts. The thunderwolf is cloaked with hair as blue as Colorado's skies, and with a mantelet of hair around its neck as white as Colorado's snow-capped mountain peaks. Longer guard hairs, as red as Colorado's rocky soil, abound throughout the white mantelet. Some say they have seen lightening bolts in the thunderwolf's large blue eyes.

Because it is an intelligent and inquisitive animal, the thunderwolf expands its knowledge and understanding of the environment daily. Although the thunderwolf exhibits a cooperative team spirit when hunting with the pack, it also is an individualistic thinker which helps the pack burst through paradigms when solving problems.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of thunderwolves is their ability to form unusual partnerships with other species to protect the environment for the general good. Their excellent communication skills have led some observers to believe thunderwolves may be able to communicate to different species from other countries.

Colorado State University of Pueblo is proud to be known as the THUNDERWOLVES, and we hope the thunderwolves are proud of us as well."

The makeover of the ThunderWolf: A Graphical History

The original ThunderWolf logo was put into place prior to the 1995-96 school year. Designed to elicit fear and reverence, the original logo contained a detailed head of a ThunderWolf with a mountain range in the background. After a few years of use, the logo was eventually scrapped for a more easily reproduced logo that contained the letters "USC".

The logo remained in use until the University of Southern Colorado changed its name prior to the 2003-04 school year to Colorado State University-Pueblo. While the university's main logo changed to mimic that of its parent institution, Colorado State University, the ThunderWolves logo went in another direction. Sleek and smooth, the ThunderWolves' remade logo as CSU-Pueblo remains today.

The "University of Southern Colorado Indians" logo, used during the 1980s and early 1990s.
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The original ThunderWolves logo, used in the first few years following the mascot change.
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The second incarnation of the ThunderWolves logo endured until the school's name change in 2003.
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The current ThunderWolves' logo.