"Bring the Thunder MMA" draws over 3,000

"Bring the Thunder MMA" draws over 3,000

MMA event to benefit CSU-Pueblo Athletics successful, featured 12 bouts, former UFC fighters, and appearance by UFC heavyweight, Shane Carwin.

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By CSU-Pueblo Athletics Media Relations.  Fight writeup by J.R. Gordon @ www.MMABuzz.com

PUEBLO, Colo. (GoThunderWolves.com - Sept. 12, 2010) - For the first time ever, it wasn't a stage, a mat, or even a jump ball lying at the center of CSU-Pueblo's Massari Arena.

It was an octagon, the symbol of one of the fastest-growing sports in America, mixed martial arts, chiefly popularized by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), that was at the center of Massari Saturday night as the first ever "Bring the Thunder MMA" event, benefitting CSU-Pueblo Athletics, took place at CSU-Pueblo.

The event, which drew an estimated crowd in excess of 3,000, featured 12 bouts, included main events featuring former UFC veterans, Eliot "The Fire" Marshall and Cameron Dollar, as well as an appearance by Shane Carwin, former RMAC wrestler and UFC heavyweight who fought for the world title in July. 

The 12-fight card included seven amateur bouts featuring largely local fighters from such MMA clubs as Rude Effex, Hitman and Bloodline, and five professional bouts.

Before the beginning of the five professional bouts, Carwin greeted the crowd and reminded fans of what Division II athletics, specifically in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference, had provided him on his road to success as a professional athlete.  The former Western State wrestler and RMAC Hall of Famer, who wrestled many bouts in CSU-Pueblo's Massari Arena, was the icing on the cake for a successful, star-studded night.

The event was largely organized by CSU-Pueblo Head Wrestling Coach, Dax Charles, Pack Assistant Wrestling Coach, Shawn Brewer, as well as members of the CSU-Pueblo wrestling team.  Money raised in the event will benefit CSU-Pueblo Athletics scholarships. 

There are plans to develop the "Bring the Thunder MMA" event into an annual affair at CSU-Pueblo

Fight Results (By J.R. Gordon)

Saturday night September 11, 2010 the CSU Pueblo athletic department held their inaugural event with proceeds going to benefit CSU athletes.  There were twelve bouts including five in the professional division with the double header main event featuring UFC alumni in both bouts.

Double header professional main event bout

Cameron Dollar vs. Brett Roller.  Roller came out with strong and accurate punches that Dollar answered with knees in the clinch.  Roller was able to secure standing back control to set up a belly to back suplex. On the ground both fighters put on a nonstop grappling clinic with each landing solid GNP, both trying for submissions and each escaping from precarious positions multiple times.  In the end it was Dollar that secured back control, flattened Roller and worked hard punches to get the tapout due to strikes.  The win came for Cameron Dollar at 2:17 of round one.

Eliot Marshall vs. Adriano Camolese.  To start the fight there was a prolonged feeling out process with both fighters probing with their punches before Marshall got a takedown and worked GNP from half mount.  Camolese was able to work back to standing, score a single leg and end the round with his known GNP attack.  The first four minutes of the second round had the fighters landing punches from the outside and knees while clinched.  Marshall was able to score an outside leg trip takedown and work for an RNC until the bell ended the round.  In the third round both fighters worked punches with Marshall pressing forward in the early portion of the round and Camolese pressing the action later in the round.  With ten seconds left Camolese shot for a takedown that Marshall defended until the bell sounded.  The judge’s scorecards determined the winner and by way of unanimous decision the victory went to Elliot Marshall.

Professional preliminaries

Willie Parks vs. Xavier Saccamano.  Parks got a takedown off of the clinch and from half guard he transitioned into side control then full mount.  To try to improve his position Saccamano turned face down to try to get to his knees, but Parks set in the RNC, flattened Saccamano and Parks got the RNC submission victory at 2:27 of round one. 

Justin Guthrie vs. Bill Albrecht.  Guthrie immediately shot for and got a takedown.  On the ground Guthrie initially worked solid GNP as Albrecht threatened with rubber guard.  Guthrie transitioned to North/South position.  From there Guthrie set in a tight North/South choke to get the submission victory at 1:54 of round one.

Nick Macias vs. Prentice Ingram.  Both fighters landed early strikes before Ingram got a belly to back suplex and tried to sink a RNC.  Macias defended the choke and turned in to work GNP before looking to set in an RNC of his own.  Ingram received a deep cut from an elbow thrown by Macias and the blood aided Ingram in escaping from the choke and he was able to take North/South position.  To end the round Macias drove forward from his knees for a takedown while Ingram tried for a guillotine as the bell sounded.  Between rounds it was determined that the cut was deep enough to keep the fight from continuing and Macias got the TKO win at 5:00 of round one.

Elimination (amateur) bouts

Mark Getler vs. Lorant Nelson.  The fighters exchanged early strikes until Nelson got a takedown.  Getler escaped back to standing but quickly the fighters went back to the mat and several positional scrambles occurred with Nelson attacking with multiple submissions and Getler deftly defending until the round ended.  The fighters came out for round two with both throwing shots designed to get the knockout win.   At times each was able to visibly hurt the other, but in the end it was a right hook by Nelson that knocked down Getler.  The referee stopped the bout and the winner by KO at 1:53 of round two was Lorant Nelson.  

Vallie Goudy vs. Erminia Velarden.  Goudy slipped throwing a teep kick and the fighters engaged in strikes on the ground before they scrambled to standing.  Once on the feet the combatants stood toe-to-toe throwing power shots until Goudy stunned Velarden and she turned her back.  After 2-3 unanswered strikes the referee stopped the fight giving the TKO win to Vallie Goudy at :36 of round one.

Nick Portillos vs. Lawrence Bowman.  Both fighters landed hard strikes early including a series of body shots from Portillos and a head kick from Bowman.  Off of a takedown Portillos transitioned into full mount and used solid GNP to set up an armbar for the submission victory with the tapout coming at 1:50 of round one.

Jeremy Krance vs. Tyler Eberhardt.  Eberhardt got a fast takedown and took full mount to work GNP.  Krance pulled off a nice backdoor escape but Eberhardt scrambled and took back control to work between GNP and RNC attempts.  Twice Krance defended the choke, but the third time it was set in Eberhardt got the tapout victory at 1:41 of round one. 

Andrew Watts vs. Drew Hirschfield.  Hirschfield got a very fast takedown but off of his back Watts used his rubber guard to set in a tight triangle choke.  Hirschfield refused to tap and when he lost consciousness Watts got the submission victory at 1:04 of round one.

Nick Kriss vs. Chris Moreno.  Kriss got an early takedown and worked GNP from full mount until Moreno rolled face down to avoid the strikes.  Kriss got Moreno flattened and from back control he flurried with strikes to get the TKO win at 2:08 of round one.

Jeremy Mares vs. Levi Moore.   Moore got a takedown into full mount to work GNP until Mares reversed and landed GNP of his own.  The fighters scrambled to standing and traded strikes to end the round.  Both fighters came out for round two looking to end with strikes.  The combatants stood toe-to-toe and traded head punches until Mares landed a flurry that made Moore turn away and the referee stopped the fight giving the TKO win to Jeremy Mares at 1:33 of round two.

“Of the night” moments:

Heart of the night goes to Drew Hirschfield for refusing to tap and instead going out from his opponent’s triangle choke.

Takedown of the night goes to Prentice Ingram for his belly to back suplex right into an attempted RNC.

Submission of the night goes to Justin Guthrie for his slick transitions that led to the very tight North/South choke to win in the first round.

KO/TKO of the night goes to Lorant Nelson for his right hook to get the KO win in round two of his fight.

Fight of the night goes to Mark Getler and Lorant Nelson for their two round battle that saw each hurt the other with strikes, each threaten the other with submissions and each escaping dangerous positions.

Thanks to the sponsors for making the event possible.