Oversight by CSU-Pueblo Athletics Administration leads to NCAA violation for Pack Football

Oversight by CSU-Pueblo Athletics Administration leads to NCAA violation for Pack Football

PUEBLO, Colo. (October 31, 2016) - The Colorado State University-Pueblo Athletics Administration recently discovered that two football student-athletes were incorrectly certified as eligible to compete in the 2015 season. An administrative oversight resulted in an NCAA violation (self-reported). The student-athletes each repeated a course for which they had previously received NCAA credit. They should not have received NCAA eligibility credit for the repeated courses. As a result of the oversight, neither student-athlete met the NCAA eligibility requirements to compete in the 2015 season. There was absolutely no wrongdoing by the student-athletes involved in the eligibility certification process.

Based on this violation, the NCAA and the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) have decided to levee penalties that include a monetary fine of $7,500 and vacating the 2015 NCAA playoff appearance and RMAC Regular Season Championship.

"This very unfortunate situation has nothing to do with the integrity of our program and certainly does not tarnish the outstanding reputation of our student-athletes. As soon as the error was discovered, we reported it to the RMAC and NCAA," said CSU-Pueblo Director of Athletics Joe Folda

The violation was discovered in a routine data audit by the new Associate Athletic Director for Compliance. For the purposes of NCAA, RMAC and school records, only the three postseason games will be stricken from CSU-Pueblo's 2015 record. CSU-Pueblo's record will appear as 10-1 in the regular season and 9-0 in the RMAC. To determine its ruling, the RMAC imposed a win-loss penalty using the NCAA Division II Principles of Nullification policy. As a result of the nullification, CSU-Pueblo now places second in the RMAC standings for the 2015 season.

"The difficulty of this situation is that the team and student-athletes are affected the most. The University has taken additional steps to protect against any student-athlete eligibility certification issues occurring in the future," said CSU-Pueblo President Lesley Di Mare.

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As a member of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference, Colorado State University – Pueblo competes in 22 varsity sports in NCAA Division II intercollegiate athletics.