Hillhouse and Grant picked for FCA trip to Mongolia

Hillhouse and Grant picked for FCA trip to Mongolia

PUEBLO, Colo. (GoThunderWolves.com - April 19, 2013) - CSU-Pueblo wrestlers Jesse Hillhouse and Trevor Grant have been selected to attend a Fellowship of Christian Athletes trip to Mongolia that will focus on wrestling and ministry from June 1-18.

Hillhouse, the 2013 NCAA Division II 125-pound champion, and Grant, a two-time NCAA Division II national qualifier, qualified for the competitive program, which is sponsored by the FCA and Athletes in Action (AIA), the athletic ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC).  Hillhouse and Grant will compete in Mongolia and East Asia and will be working with the AIA/CCC in-country staff to help build relationships with athletes, fans, coaches and officials through the medium of wrestling.  

The AIA/CCC-sponsored wrestling squad is made up of both wrestlers and coaches from around the country that combine exemplary wrestling resumes with an interest in ministry.  Grant, who has in the past run a Christian youth wrestling camp with his brother and former ThunderWolf, Justin, is excited about the opportunity.

"It provides me a good chance to expand my horizons in both wrestling and my walk with God," Grant said.  "It is going to be a great experiencing to see what a true third-world country is like as well as get an opportunity to share God's word with people who have never heard it before."

Hillhouse said the choice to go on the trip is an obvious one, as it involves his three favorite things in life - God, wrestling and traveling.  

"It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Hillhouse said.  "It gives me a chance to experience new cultures and travel to places I've never been."

Hillhouse said he owes his recent national championship to his faith, which also was a motivator for undertaking this mission.

"My faith got me through a lot of this season," Hillhouse said.  "Now, I will try to use [my faith] and this trip to touch other people and better their lives."

Hillhouse and Grant must cover their own expenses for travel and lodging so they will be reaching out to friends and community members in order to meet a May 15 deadline. Interested individuals may visit www.give.ccci.org and search for "Jesse Hillhouse" and/or "Trevor Grant" to learn more. For more information Campus Crusade for Christ and the Athletes in Action program, visit http://www.cru.org/ministries-and-locations/ministries/athletes-in-action/index.htm